Ministry Of Youth And Human Resources

Photos: Youths in Abuja stage welcome rally for PMB 2017

Last year, I published numerous articles emphasizing on Youth Education. In one of those articles, I argued that African governments should pay more than usual attention to the development of Human Resources of their geometrically expanding youth population,

as that move would automatically provide these countries with enough trained workforce for robust economic growth and industrial expansion. On December 17th, I received a call phone from an HR firm resident in Lagos.

The man who called me introduced himself as the Director of Joint Hands, and we exchanged official pleasantries. He had read that very article and spotted my proposition for African governments to create the Ministry of Youth and Human Resources. With much professionalism, we both talked about the scope and merits of the ministry should it be created.

 Though I knew he only wanted to harvest resource materials from me for his firm’s programmes, I was more than glad to serve his needs- that’s how you should think. Now take some time to read the UN #Demographic #Report of 2012 on particularly sub-Saharan Africa, you will figure that youth population will likely expand by about 20%-25% by 2025.

  If trained to acquire industrial, social and business skills, this expanding youth population will automatically add to the size of their respective countries’ workforce.

As you know today, Corporate Organizations build partnerships with HR firms for obtaining trained/skilled employees at almost manageable costs. Now think: If African governments can establish a well-funded Ministry of Youth and Human Resources, they will eventually become the largest Employer of Labour instead of private companies

Later on February 3rd, the Joint Hands Director called and I confessed that my conversation with him actually bore many fruits. I was so thrilled to hear that, and have maintained a business link with him ever since. African Leaders should start investing heavily in youth education!

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