Paul Ryan, 50 Other USA Senators Sleep In Office To Save Tax Payers’ Money

Paul Ryan- Reuters Image

Morality is one virtue that is lacking in African leadership among so-called leaders.  Nigeria seems worse.  Selflessness, creativity, quest for sound leadership are mostly lacking among those who found themselves within the corridors of power in Nigeria.

In most cases, those who are saddled with leadership positions be it as appointed or elected are mostly people whose characters and antecedents are questionable.

There are however sound, pro-peoples’ leaders within the three arms of government who are striving to make the difference in delivering the dividends of democracy to the masses who legitimize the power the elected representatives wield through their votes.

But how much sacrifice can Nigeria leaders make?  From the legislators to the members of the executive; from the honourable members of the judiciary to all those saddled with one position of leadership to the other?

Did you know that the USA House Speaker, Paul Ryan, second in line to the presidency of the United States, sleeps in his office? Before he was elected speaker, Paul was a Congressman (Parliamentarian) representing a congressional District in Wisconsin.

In all those years that he served in Washington, he has been sleeping on an Air Mattress in his office floor since his wife and kids are back in Wisconsin. Paul says that he can only sleep on a bed if his wife is sleeping on it or rent an apartment if his wife and kids are living in it.

When he was elected House Speaker (Speaker of Parliament), a position that comes with a Mansion, he chose not to live in it since his wife and kids did not want to move to the Capital D.C. But it is not just Paul Ryan who sleeps in his office in D.C. Out of the 435 American legislators (Congressmen and Senators) serving their constituents in Washington, 50 of them shower, eat, and sleep in their offices.

In an Interview with the AFP News Agency, Congressman Tim Walberg from Michigan said that he has been sleeping on his office floor since he was elected in 2007. Why? He says it is a good way to save money since house rents in Washington D. C. are ridiculously high.

He also had this to say: “I am not a king, a prince, or a Lord. The people who sent me here (Congress) are the people I serve. And I don’t ever want to get to a point where I believe that because I’m here, I’m better than them.”

Now, 200 legislators also share apartments. You got it right. Three to Five Senators comes together, rent one apartment, share the costs, and live together. They can also buy one car and use it to drive together to work. Yes, these are Senators and Congressmen from the largest economy in the world sleeping in their offices, sharing apartments, and cars.

In America, only the Speakers of both Houses and Senior Congressional Leadership have personal security.

In Nigeria, every lawmaker’s and elected representative’s first priority are big cars, bullet proof cars, big mansions within the choicest part of the capital, retinue of guards and domestic staff and even personal bodyguards. These cost the nation fortune,  amidst the raving poverty among the electorates and those whose votes legitimizes the power the few elected people wield.  Every year, billions are appropriated for cars, cloths and to maintain the mansions of government functionaries.

Even local assembly men, ward chairmen and chairpersons are referred to as “Honourables” in Nigeria. Their overzealous security details wouldn’t hesitate to rough handle anyone who comes any close to these ‘Honourables”

And you wonder why someone referred to Africans as a bunch of “shit hole”?

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