States That Do Not Have Female Representatives In Federal House Of Representatives (Part 1)


In the first part of this write-up, we will be looking at States in Nigeria where women are tactically schemed out from holding elective positions.  These under-listed States do not have a female representative in Nigeria’s Federal House of Representatives. This is despite the fact that a large percentage of the votes cast from those States come from women.

In these states under review, power has been so structured to exclude women holding elective positions.  In some cases, many factors such as our patriarchal society, culture, religion, money politics, and violence are among many other factors that have continued to work against women in seeking elective positions in Nigeria.

Out of the 360 elected members of the Federal House of Assembly, only 14 are female members.  This is despite the 35% affirmative action which guarantees that women should at least occupy 35% of all elective positions.

  1. Adamawa {N/E}
  2. Akwa Ibom {S/S}
  3. Bauchi {N/E}
  4. Benue {N/C}
  5. Cross River {S/S}
  6. Ebonyi State {S/E}
  7. Ekiti State {S/S}
  8. FCT {N/C}
  9. Imo State {S/E}
  10. Jigawa {N/E}
  11. Kaduna {N/W}
  12. Kebbi N/W
  13. Kogi State {N/C}
  14. Kano {N/W}
  15. Katsina {N/W}
  16. Nasarawa {N/C}
  17. Niger State {N/C}
  18. Ogun State {S/W}
  19. Ondo State {S/W}
  20. Oyo State {S/W}
  21. Rivers State {S/S}
  22. Sokoto State {N/W}
  23. Taraba State {N/E}
  24. Yobe State {N/E}
  25. Zamfara {N/W}




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