Revealed: The Grand Conspiracy that led to the suspension of the NHIS boss

Prof. Usman Yusuf and Minister of Health Prof. Isaac Folorunso Adewole

…..Minister of Health, HMO operators mostly own by top Government Functionaries in Ministry of Health and NHIS fingered.

Many believe that Nigeria is a complex country where fight against corruption is fiercely resisted by the beneficiaries of corruption.

This, from investigation carried out by LeadingReporters seems the case in National Health Insurance Scheme NHIS that led to the suspension of its Executive Secretary/CEO Prof. Usman Yusuf.

Our investigation revealed that Prof. Usman Yusuf could have been victimized over his determination to reposition the agency for optimal performance according to the vision of the current President Buhari-led administration that tends to prioritize improved social services to those at the lowest social rungs.

Information unveiled points to a grand conspiracy among some echelons of NHIS, Ministry of Health and the CEOs of Health Maintenance Organisations (HMOs).  Our investigation as well revealed that most of these HMOs are own {through proxies} by some serving top government functionaries in Ministry of Health and NHIS.

It was revealed that upon assumption of office, Prof. Usman Yusuf a renowned medical practitioner who has verifiable credentials of honesty, integrity and selflessness vowed to ‘clean’ the perennial mess and the fleecing of the agency by HMOs in collaboration with their proxies in both NHIS and Ministry of Health.

The plan didn’t go down well with some top management staff of Ministry of Health, NHIS and HMO who seem to be benefitting from the untamed fraud being penetrated in NHIS, using proxy HMOs.

Sensing the odds would be against them, a campaign of calumny was launched.  When it was discovered that nothing points to any wrong official conduct on the part of Prof. Usman Yusuf, it was agreed that every record should be dug up in a view to creating distraction.  Part of the plan was to co-opt other willing organizations, unions and CSOs that would add voice and possibly compel President Buhari to show Prof. Yusuf the way out.

Above all, it was believed by the conspirators that if Prof. Yusuf is allowed to pursue his reformation agenda in NHIS, heads would roll and probe may be launched on how over N350billion was utilized.

A source who spoke to us on condition of anonymity revealed that Minister of Health, Prof Isaac Adewale was thoroughly briefed on why Prof. Usman Yusuf should not be allowed to get away with his plans to ‘clean’ the agency and possibly look into the past records and activities in the agency.  The source further revealed that another route through which previous heads in NHIS fleeced the agency is conferences and workshops, local and foreign.

“Before now, there’s virtually no week series of functions are not lined up through which monies are voted and pocketed”

Prof. Yusuf, our investigation reveals is a man who wants things done the way they should be done.

“Being a man who has had successful career off the shores of the land, he believes in the virtues of patriotism and selfless service.  Aside these, he’s  so much interested in sound service delivery which may have been why he priorotised training and retraining for the staff, which he was accused to have spent N292million on”.

“He is a man who believes in sticking to professionalism rooted in selflessness.  It is possible that all the allegations against him were simply concocted to frame him up, otherwise Prof Yusuf we know is not a man who would trade his integrity and beliefs for the costliest gold.  It’s good the President looks beyond the surface and do the needful to ensure that those who conspired against a man who is willing to bring his wealth of experience on board are made to face the law of the land.  Government should look into the books of that agency.  There may be more than the eyes could see.  Possibly, some people desperately want to keep the real issue off from public knowledge”



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