The pains of childhood in a malaise society


In our attempt to speak with all manner of fairness, we often turn out to be the best judges for ourselves. Wactivities, then the child who is either an Infant, a toddler, a preschool child, or an adolescent lacks who understanhat then about our women and children? If men have been bold enough to speak for themselves through their ds him.

When the child speaks, his parents should be able to provide a nurturing ground through which the child feels free to say all he had wanted. Have we just caused war on them? YES. Have we caused social disorder on them? YES. Have we pushed them to the streets? YES. Have they lost their freedom and their lives? YES. The IDP camps have become homes for our children and women out of our own evil work. In Mali and Burundi, it was found at some point in time that children have become the heads of their homes, their parents have been lost to wars which have been orchestrate by men; in Nigeria we are almost to have the same scenario with the wave of violence in Northeast, North central, South South and other parts of the country thus many women and children have been left homeless.

This presents us with a double jeopardy here. Firstly, is a child who grows up in an atmosphere of war hence becomes more and more vulnerable. Secondly, is a child who lacks the basic push to achieve the self actualization circle hence becomes deficit at several stages. What then are we likely to have from the child as an adult?  If this child grows up to do drugs, parents, friends and well wishes will stigmatize him not minding the pain this child passed through in life with no one to listen to him. If this child gets involved in crime, we may begin to conclude that he has chosen a path not minding the pains and life challenges he might have encountered before deciding to take such path.

If this child rapes other persons or is raped by other persons, then we are likely to say that the child is a victim of trauma with elements of fixation from his formative ages. How did we get this wrong? We have gotten everything wrong here since the day we have decided to fight for our stomachs and not for the child, since the day we have taken violence as a form of life, since the day we have thrown our women and children to the streets, since the day we have decided to be rational in some sense just for our own sake.

Two wrongs cannot make a right, neither can several wrongs make a right. Let’s speak out for the child.  Let’s protect the child and let’s give the child more shield; he is the next man on the streets in some years to come and it will be nice to shape his functionality.

Evans Binan Dami is a researcher, writer and clinical psychologist and could be reached via, 07035578447



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