How Oshiomhole wasted N14bn World Bank Loan on a non-functional News Portal


How Oshiomhole wasted N14bn World Bank Loan on a non-functional News Portal

It was Alen Watts that said that a man’s Karma travels with him like his very own shadow.  Outgoing governor of Edo State Adams Oshiomhole looks like a man who does not understand how soon one’s  Karma can catch up with him and how fast one’s own hitherto unknown evil deeds could bring him to disrepute.

It would be recalled that Adams Oshiomhole has severally lampooned real and perceived political enemies as conduit pipes that drain government revenue.  Oshiomhole’s Karma like his shadow is trailing him.  His verbosities, his stage-managed guts and his talkativeness may not save him this time around.  Records don’t lie, they say.

The man who has branded others wasteful and called them thieves has been caught in the same web of plunging a whopping $75m World Bank loan, totaling over N14bn today into a news portal that did not last longer than the ceremonial launching.

The project code-named “OPEN PORTAL PROJECT” by Adams Oshiomhole was a route through which the loan was fleeced out of government coffers to personal pockets.

Oshiomhole had approached World Bank for loan running into hundreds of millions of Dollars.  Part of the loan totaling $75m was said to be going to be used to open an Open Portal to improve the investment climate and increase the internally generated revenue of the State as well as promoting transparency and accountability of government.

To cover the behind-the-scene game and to foist the idea that “Their Money Work For them” on the unsuspecting Edo citizens, Adams Oshiomhole according to information exclusively obtained by LeadingReporters ordered for an elaborate launching of the project to justify the loan.

Unfortunately, the Open Portal became an open problem and open embarrassment that Oshiomhole till date is trying to cover up.

“Little wonder Adams is sticking out his neck to produce his successor, a trusted ally and someone who has himself benefitted from the financial voodoosm of Oshiomhole’s administration.  Someone who has raked in billions to himself as consultancy fees under Oshiomhole’s administration.  Someone who claims to be offering his services free of charge to Edo State, yet has his name continue to appear in the government payroll.  That is aside the billions his company collects as consultancy fee.  If Adams Oshiomhole’s candidate does not win that election, then in no distant time, when the real face of Adams is revealed from whoever that will take over from him, the Edos will be asking for his head in an open stake”

It was further gathered by LeadingReporters that the first attempt to upload data on the over N14bn open portal embarrassed the governor to his marrow as the unsuspecting ICT staff uploaded staggering raw contracts rate without his economic team tuning down as has been the case with his administration, according to a source who spoke to LeadingReporters on a condition that his name should not be revealed.

The incident according to information obtained by LeadingReporters stirred a serious controversy as the governor was said to have directed that the bogus figures be brought down from the site and “worked around on” in a view to lowering them both in the records and in the portal.

This immediately led to a committee being set up by Oshiomhole to always work on figures before uploading them.  The committee consists of Secretary to the State Government, Head of Service, the Chairman, Economic Team and now his preferred candidate for the Saturday’s election and two other members with specific mandate to receive raw data of figures and “refine and lower them where necessary”

All attempt to keep the portal functional proved abortive as the Open Portal has eventually become a Closed Portal after plunging over N14bn into it, thus mortgaging the future of the State and plunging it into yet another debts



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