How Big Brother Naija Raked In N330,000,000 From 11,000,000 Vulnerable Nigerian Youths

How Big Brother Naija Raked In N300,000,000 From 11,000,000 Vulnerable Nigerian Youths - Photo Credit: BBN

The promoters of Big Brother Naija are smiling home with hundreds of millions of Naira.  All thanks to the eleven million votes so far received from vulnerable Nigerians, especially the youths.

A vote is equaled N30 and so far, 11,000,000 votes have been received.  When that is multiplied by N30 per vote, the organisers are raking in N330,000,000.

That is aside from the advert placements and other promotions being featured on the show.

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The implication is that while the youths expend their productive time watching and doing the gossip, the promoters are cashing in on the vulnerability and naivety of average Nigeria youths.

How much does the winner take home?  N45million.  You’d say a great deal!  Yes, a great monetary reward.  But if other issues such as productive time of the youths spent in watching trivialities are factored in, you’d understand how fast the organisers and promoters have played on you.

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When next you’re told that a show like big brother Naija is rewarding big, ask yourself what you’d take away from such show.  If such show has nothing meaningful to impact on you, boycott it as s plague.


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