Errant Motorists killed 35 Regular Marshals in one year – FRSC


In its efforts to enforce safety rules in Nigeria roads, over 35 regular marshals of the Federal Road Safety Commission have been killed in different Nigeria roads within the last one year by errant motorists.  These officers were killed while discharging their official duties.

This revelation was made by the Niger State Commander of the Federal Road Safety Commission, FRSC, Susan Ajenge, when she spoke on the floor of the Niger State House of Assembly most recently.

Susan Ajenge said that the ugly trend occurred when staffs of the Corp were trying to enforce simple safety rules and regulations.

According to her, the Corp has never prioritized revenue generation above enforcing safety.  The Corp has rather stepped up thorough enforcement of safety rules and regulation to guarantee safety of lives of road users across the nation.  Enforcement of these safety rules have become necessary in the face of different fatal accidents attributed to human errors and recklessness by some drivers.

According to the State Commander, another staff was recently knocked down by a driver while trying to clear obstruction on the highway.

The officer is lying critically ill in a hospital and had gone through two operations and might lose his manhood.

The state legislatures had recently summoned the Commander to defend the series of criticism by the public against FRSC over allegations of officials intimidating and harassment of motorists.

Elsewhere, motorists submit their vehicles for inspection.  In Nigeria, an average driver will never take road safety rules seriously by him or herself.  There are cases of worn out tyres; there are also cases of sheer recklessness, overspeeding and total disobedience of safety rules which in most cases plunge these drivers to fatal accidents, killing themselves and innocent passengers.

Ajenge made a case that the Legislature should become willing partners in educating the public on these rules as road safety is every road user’s business.

Ajenge lamented a situation where rather than obey simple traffic rules, motorists would turn around to criticise and attack FRSC officials.


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