You Dare Not Sale Any Kogi State Property: Hon. Omale Challenges Gov. Bello


Hon. Hassan Omale representing Ankpa/Omala/Olamaboro Federal Constituency has expressed worry over the rumoured move by Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State to sell State properties within and outside Kogi State, questioning the leadership morality behind such move.

The Federal Lawmaker hinted that such action would amount to facing all the Federal Lawmakers from Kogi State in the court, not minding party and ethnic affiliations.

Speaking with LeadingReporters in Abuja, Friday, Hon. Omale berated the governor, describing him as lacking in morality that makes a great leader

“Alhaji Yahaya Bello has no moral stand to sell any asset of Kogi State, because Bello did not contribute any since over two years of his administration”.

“I wish that the decision to sell Kogi properties was mere speculation.  If it’s true, all the federal lawmakers from the State would challenge him in court”.

“I have not been officially informed that Governor Yahaya Bello wants to sell Kogi legacy properties. It’s been rumours, but if it is true, Kogi indigenes will never buy into that deceit.  They will disagree with him”.

Referring to the Governor as someone who seems naïve in what governance and politics are, Omale described Bello’s proposed cattle colony as his wishful thinking which didn’t enjoy the support and input of other stakeholders from Kogi State.

“We have just finished with the cattle colony, and he saw the resistance. I don’t think he will sell the state properties.”

He explained that Bello met those properties in question because his predecessors in office performed, and thought about the future of the state in acquiring those properties.

“I challenge Governor Bello to show us his own contribution and legacy he hopes to add to what his predecessors left behind”

According to Hon. Omale, Governor Bello is the luckiest of all other governors in terms of revenue that has accrued to state, but regretted that Kogi State under Governor Yahaya Bello has become the most lagging state in terms of development, infrastructure and good governance.

“It is an unfortunate situation for Kogi indigenes who crave for meaningful development.  His youthful age as a Governor did not better the lots of Kogi people”

“In the last two years of Bello’s administration, we are yet to see any meaningful infrastructure he put in place. It then becomes unspeakable that he would be contemplating selling off State infrastructures he met on ground”.

“All the Federal Lawmakers from Kogi State will meet him in court if he dares make good his wild dream of disposing any of the State’ property”

The lawmakers also maintained that only a genuine spirit of reconciliation can give APC a chance to win the governorship election in Kogi State.

“The chances of the ruling APC in the 201x election would be very lean unless there’s effort to reconcile everyone who feel displeased at what is happening in Kogi State under Governor Bello”

“It is fast becoming a situation where political office holders should be held accountable based on individual performances. The governor’s low performance has pitched him against the state party executives”.

“We are all aware that state APC executives are more antagonistic to the governor than the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).”

“The interest of the party was to effect a change as promised, but he was not interested in that. Of course, that is the reason for the crisis”, Omale insisted.

In the same development Comrade Ezekiel U,  the youths leader of the three Local Government Area that Honourable Omale represents at the National Assembly has also thrown his weight behind the good works the constituents are currently enjoying under Hon. Omale’s leadership.

“Honourable Omale as a good Representatives of the people is assessable at all times unlike other lawmakers.  Here are the pictures of all the projects he has completed and also the ongoing ones.  They are there and can be inspected anytime by any one who wants to see them”

Comrade Ezekiel U. assured Omale of total support of the youths come 2019 Election.

“We are going to vote for him to come back in 2019 because of his achievement all over the three Local Government he represents.  He loves his people, service to humanity and his constituents.  That is the hallmark of a leader.  The love to serve and perform in service”

By: Mike Shuiabu


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