Adams Oshiomhole introduced 24 exploitative taxes, levies – Edo Market Women


Adams Oshiomhole introduced 24 exploitative taxes, levies – Edo Market Women

The outgoing governor of Edo State, Governor Adams Oshiomhole introduced about 24 different taxes and levies in Edo State according to reports exclusively obtained by LeadingReporters.

Adams critics referred to those taxes and levies as exploitative which did not commensurate with facilities found on ground.  Aside massively borrowing and plunging the State into huge debts, the leadership of Edo Market Women insists that there were more words than action, more promises than realities and more deceits than sound leadership during Adams Oshiomhole’s eight years reign as governor of the State.

Among the taxes include:

  1. Waste Iron Tax
  2. Tipping Truck {Granite} Tax
  3. Loading and Offloading Tax
  4. Drivers Daily income Tax
  5. Mobile Advert Tax
  6. Outdoor Advert Tax
  7. Gaseous Emission Tax
  8. Petroleum Monitoring Tax
  9. Farm Produce Tax
  10. Business Premises Registration Levy
  11. Consumption tax, amongst others.

Investigation carried out by LeadingReporters revealed that the electorates felt shortchanged by the administration of Adams Oshiomhole as exploitative taxes were always raised on them and miscreants sent on them to collect the taxes.  Most of the people spoken with expressed displeasure at what they termed a deceptive regime that originally promised to be fair to them when they were seeking for their votes only to renege on their promises.

One of those spoken with recounted Adam Oshiomhole’s inaugural speech on 12th of November, 2008 titled “Dawn of a new era” in Samuel Ogbemedia’s stadium  where he {Adams}  vowed immediate abolition of daily ticketing and levies.  He actually suspended the head of the so-called daily ticketing agency only for him to restore same levies and assigned the same man he has suspended in 28th November, 2008.

It was a great relief to most residents in 2008 when Adams vowed to eliminate daily exploitative levies and tax especially those charged by motor park touts and the daily levies charged on market women.  Adams within weeks reneged on his vow and introduced varied taxes and levies that further impoverished the citizens of Edo State, according to LeadingReporters findings.

“It was truly like a dawn of a new era exactly on 12th of November, 2008 when Governor Adams Oshiomhole in his inaugural speech declared immediate abolition of ticketing and the reign of Agberos in Edo State who for several years whipped taxi drivers, bus drivers and market women to collect illegal levies.  You would have imagined the joy of the people who erroneously believed that Adams was on the side of the masses.  To everyone’s surprise, no sooner Adams resumed as the governor than he reintroduced the levies and added more levies and taxes.  He didn’t only add more, he sent out violent miscreants to collect the levies and taxes.  These boys after drinking and smoking heavily pounced on the hapless market women, taxi drivers and other peasants to demand for the levies”

The most retrogressive tax according to respondents is the Agric. Produce Tax.  A respondent who spoke to LeadingReporters on condition of anonymity questioned the morality of the government to impose taxes on farmers when the nation is preaching food sufficiency:

“Sending a taskforce to tax farmers who are hauling their agricultural produce from the farmlands to the markets is to me the height of leadership insensitivity, especially when other states are in one way or the other encouraging farmers to produce more.  This particular tax discouraged farming and caused a lot of farmers to recoil into producing what they will consume.  You need to see how the touts assigned to do this harass, molest and impose taxes and levies on these farmers at will.  In some cases, the farmers forfeited their produce to the taskforce members”


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