hoarding of tickets thrives as vendors in Abuja-Kaduna Rail Route: N1,500 ticket sold for N5,000

Hon. Minister of Transport - Rotimi Amechi

“If this government means to fight corruption in high and low places, what does it take them to simply device a strategy where passengers could pay for ticket online and bring the receipt to be boarded. They can introduce an e-payment system where you just pay with a prepared card that could be sold at designated areas and banks. That is how it is done every other place. They simply created the vacuum to enable them steal from it”.
“Averagely, each vendor steals between N80,000 to N100,000 daily. That is aside the fact that they give daily returns to the Ogas in the office. They simply hoard the tickets until say 10 minutes to the departure of the train, thereby creating a chaotic situation where people could pay as much as N5000 for ticket. That is aside overbooking the train”.
LeadingReporters could authoritatively reveal that fraud, hoarding of tickets and inflating of the price of the tickets by the vendors and security men attached to the train plying Abuja-Kaduna route have become the order of the day.
“The vendors, the security men attached to the train would not sale the ticket until very few minutes to the train departure. Few minutes to the train departure, you’d be surprised to see a ticket surfacing and the cost is hiked to N4000-N5000 as against the official rate of N1,500 for Abuja-Kaduna Route”.
It was uncovered that the vendors cash in on the passengers desperation to board the available train. Information availed LeadingReporters indicates that the tickets are tucked inside the vendors’ phone jackets from where they sold at outrageous rates to desperate passengers.
It would be recalled that as a result of the incessant cases of kidnapping along Abuja-Kaduna road, most passengers now prefer to travel to Kaduna by rail; a situation the vendors, the security men and other management officers cash in on to defraud Nigerians.
Another source who is in the know of the fraudulent transaction confided in our reporter that a typical vendor goes home every day with not less than N60,000 after they have made returns (of the loot) to some of their senior officers in the office.
Another source spoken to alleged that the vendors are doing the bidding of their masters in the Ministry of Transport, otherwise what does it take to end the surge of corruption among the vendors if there was no collaboration between them and those who put them there.
All the attempts to reach the authorities concerned in Ministry of Transport proved unfruitful as calls and texts were not responded to.


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