5 Ways To Identify Selfish Politicians Who Seek Power For Self-Enrichment (Part I)

5 Ways To Identify Selfish Politicians Who Seek Power For Self-Enrichment (Part I)
  1. They Are Intolerant To Criticism:

Contrary to what many believe, the loudest and most verbose politicians are not the most creative.  That is not to say there are no elected leaders who know how to raise the dust for the good of the people. Search them out, this class of politicians are queer in their character and only need the people for the sake of their votes.  They are chronically intolerant with opposing views and can go extra miles to silence dissenting voices.  They see constructive opposition as a call to political warfare.  They’re prone to violent and in most cases have groups of young men at the beck and call who do their violent biddings.  They deceitful, wicked, selfish and lack compassion to do good to the people.


  1. They Swing Parties When Their Original Party Lose Power:

 When you see politicians jumping from one political party to the other, it is not mostly because of what they want to offer to the electorates.  In most cases, it borders on their own selfish desire to stay politically afloat for what they can get and not what they can offer.  This crop of politicians jump boats and are always found among the ruling party.  Their stock in trade is to begin to castigate their former party by branding it ‘corrupt’.  They do this just to be accepted in their new party and to curry favour from their new party leaders.  Morality, selflessness, sound service delivery and passion for selfless service are far from them.  They’re simply political prostitutes who jump from one party to the other for sheer political patronage.


  1. They Begin To Do Projects Only When Elections Are Around The Corner:

It is very easy to identify this group of politicians.  These politicians believe that the votes of the electorates are buyable.  Because of this, year in year out, they hardly reach out the electorates with any tangible projects.  They leverage on the positions they occupy to mop as many funds as possible.  They see the positions they occupy as a veritable source of raking in money thereby denying the electorates good governance.  When elections are around the corner, they begin to carry out passive projects which they hardly complete.  They do this simply to deceive the people into believing that they have them at heart.  These people are the type that begins to cook and distribute food for voters in voting centers.  They pay people to secure votes, cashing in on prevailing hunger and hardship.  They create hunger and hardship for the electorates and thus cash in on that to demand for their votes if they want to have food and other needs met.


  1. They Become Accessible Only When Election Is Around The Corner:

 These group of politicians is to me the most deceitful group who feign to love and care for the people.  They use the people as a base to reach their political peak only to turn and call them fools.  They are never accessible until elections are closer.  These politicians always use insecurity in their lives as an excuse for not being around the people.  But once the election is closer, they leave their comfort zones and begin to look for how they can deceive the people into voting for them.  They are only accessible during campaigns and once they win, they shut out the people through whose vote they’re elected.


  1. They Hardly Grow Younger Politicians Because Of Fear Of Raising Political Competitors:

This crop of wicked politicians could best be likened to the evil rain that uproots tender plants.  All they do is to scoop for information about possible rising political stars within their localities.  Instead of scouting for information around the needs of the electorates, they are busy gathering information on the profiles of those who have brighter ideas, more innovative strategies on how the peoples’ needs could be met.  They do this with intention of uprooting them.  They have no passion for development.  They lack creative tact.  They abhor intelligence, innovativeness and creative competitiveness.  Instead of building potential leaders, they build gangsters, terrorists, and criminals who do their evil bidding.

Sage Shedrack Light is a social right advocate, edutainment specialist, and public issue commentator.  He resides in FCT, Abuja and could be reached via lightsheddie26@gmail.com


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