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Leading Reporters is an online news and media platform that avail readers and viewers incisive, though-provoking and professionally balanced news on everyday national, regional and global issues.   Our thematic objective is to promote the virtues of social cohesion, unity and patriotism by holding leaders accountable for their actions or inaction and thus give the hapless a voice in the business of governance.  We stretch through all bounds – politics, economy, national issues of public interest, agriculture, education, and entertainment such as sports, music, fashion and other social activities.

LeadingReporters do not only avail our criticism, we proffer solutions through our incisive opinions thus contributing to nation building and social cohesion.

Ours is the coming together of professionals and people from all works of life who share same passion in promoting unity in diversity, stimulating nonviolence consciousness, hyping the virtues of patriotism and human unity irrespective of differences in political, religious and other social affiliations and ideologies.  At Leading Reporters, we truly lead in dissemination of news as hot and timely as they unveil.

cropped-LR-LOGO-Update.jpgOur conceptualized methodology is totally hinged on edutainment concept. Leading Reporters truly educate while at the same time entertain you.  We believe that the media plays indispensable role in strengthening the polity, promoting social cohesion and harmony, educating the citizenry, engaging leaders constructively, and promoting unity in diversity, respect for constituted authorities and above all human unity irrespective of differences in religious, political and other social ideologies or affiliations.  Leading Reporters is in the lead of promoting these virtues.


Today, events unfolding at national, regional and global levels point to total collapse of these indispensable virtues.  Leading Reporters functions to promote them and subtly instill them in the hearts and attitude of both the leaders and the followers.


Leading Reporters ‘Rate Your Leaders’ tends to provide the people a platform on which they constructively engaging their leaders be it at national, regional and state levels.  It tends to give the people who legitimize the powers the leaders wield an opportunity to express what and how they feel about those who have been saddled with leadership positions.


‘Personality of the Month’ avails the people an opportunity to celebrate those who have through either public or private offices excelled in their field of endeavours.  Every month, the Board of Editors of Leading Reporters in partnership with selected opinion groups list out names of people with exceptional attributes, achievements and feats and thus out of the many nominations, one personality is chosen to grace our ‘Personality of the Month’ column.


Every week, on Leading Reporters ‘Rating the MDAs’, Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies are brought to public limelight and scrutiny.  Every week, each government agency, department and ministry is assessed based on its performance vis-à-vis set targets and visions.  It is professionally analyzed such that virtues of selflessness and patriotism are celebrated and the vices of laxity, corruption and inefficiency are condemned.

Leading Reporters picturesque platform affords the public to advertise their range of product and services thereby exposing them to our teaming readers, viewers and followers at an affordable rate.