Detoxifying With Aloe Vera Juice


I launched a campaign some years back against junk foods. While the article appealed to most of my readers I also proceeded to write an ebook “the science of healthy Nigerian foods” and also made sure the ultimate Nigerian cookbook featured healthy tips in the first five pages

I talk about eating healthy foods with every chance I get because I believe you are as healthy as what you eat.

When I write articles like this most people won’t read it to the end because they wouldn’t want to stop eating some of the foods they love.

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Ironically, most of the good foods are not sweet and most of the sweet foods are not healthy; with fruits being the exception of course.

I read that the average lifespan of a Nigerian is less than 40 for men and about 42 for women. So my question is – What is killing Nigerians? Aside the fact that most of us use generators and don’t care if the exhaust is directly facing our windows. Well, that’s talk for another day.

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Today is about routine detoxification – With Aloe vera juice

The average lifespan of the Chinese people was 67.77 years some years back, now it is 71 years. At that age, they still play football and ride bicycles. You can’t say the same about Nigerians.

The topic is really about bitter stuff and sweet stuff – detoxification process to keep your cells healthy.

Most people wouldn’t eat stuff that isn’t sweet even if it was going to save their life. Someone once told me “no matter how healthy it is, if it is not sweet, it won’t pass my throat” lol.

The truth is “you are as healthy as your body cells”, and your body cells are directly depending on your daily food choices.

So the question is “What do you feed your cells?” Are your decision swayed by your appetite or you are disciplined enough to conform your appetite to a healthy standard?

If your cells don’t get any healthy nutrient, they die faster; and when they die faster, you age faster. So when you are 40, you will be looking like 55.

I used to make this aloe vera juice, it was super nourishing and healthy but it was bitter. I would like to call it my detoxification remedy. I would share the recipe with you if you ask for it… :D: but in the meantime, let’s talk about routine detoxification as a means to keeping your cells healthy.

Common sense tells me that while I go about taking soft drinks, sodas and all sorts of baked stuff, occasionally, It is very necessary to detoxify! For this reason, I cooked up an aloe vera juice recipe and planted aloe vera at my backyard. Aloe vera has antiviral and antibacterial properties, and the ability to help treat everything from constipation to diabetes, acne, hair loss, cough, wounds and repair damaged cell.

Acemannan is one of the wonderful elements found in Aloe vera gel. It is a complex carbohydrate that allows nutrients to reach the cells, nourish them and at the same time relieve them of toxins.

Isn’t that reason enough?

If all you get from aloe vera juice is just detoxification, don’t you think that is good enough? even if it is bitter.

On the contrary, sugar, chocolate and everything with synthetic sweetener does the exact opposite. They are the reason your body gets toxic in the first place.

Sugar speeds up ageing process; it is the major cause of fatigue and tiredness. Results in weakness of the cell, lowers your immune system and ensure you are always on drugs. Do you want my aloe vera juice recipe already?

What I am proposing is that while you go about eating chocolates, cakes, cookies and taking all sort of drink with additives, Occasionally, you should drink bitter stuff.

As much as possible, avoid sugar, honey is a wonderful substitute.

As much as you can, take aloe vera juice, a glass for every week would go a long way in detoxifying your body.


Source: allnigerianfoods


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