Banker cum Poet launches book “There’s a lunatic in every town”


An architect turned banker cum poet, Bashiru Amuneni popularly called Bash will on 26th March 2017, at the main hall, Raw Materials Research and Development Council, Maitama launch his poetry anthology titled “There Is A Lunatic In Every Town”.

Bash an architect by training turned banker with nine years on the job experience is also an essayist, a poet, and a literary advocate.  He hails from Nasarawa State.

Discussing his soon-to-be launched book and what inspired the title of the book, Bash said that what became a book was a poem he wrote and titled “There is a Lunatic In Every Town” in 2004.  According to him, when he performed “There’s a Lunatic in Every Town in 2015, the mass appeal and his fans’ responses were overwhelming that he decided to use the title for a book.

“It is actually the title of a poem I wrote way back in 2004 and the first time I decided to perform it which was in 2015, everybody loved it. So, I thought I should have it as the title of my collection of poems because the phrase sounded outrageous and quite intriguing”.

Bash described his love for poetry as a strong fount which runs deep within him.

“I’m an Architect by training. I’m currently a banker.  I enjoy adventure and I love to travel a lot.  Above all, I’m known more among people, friend and fans as a poet. The work is just starting. There are more stages to grace in and outside the shores of Nigeria. Ultimately, we hope poetry gets the desired commercial acceptance it deserves. I am also looking forward to developing young poets and doing as much as I can for the genre”.

Discussing why his work and training are as important as poetry, Bash said he enjoys being referred to as an Architect, a Banker and a Poet:

“I sincerely love being all of the Three. As a creative person, for you to really get commercial value from your passion, you need to understand how money works and also the makeup of the economy. Banking has helped my understanding of these things. The world has moved from Art for Art sake and this is what every creative person must understand and accept. We need to consciously look for avenues to sell our craft for commercial gain. I believe in that.

Bash has been inducted into the Freedom Hall, Abuja as a spoken word performer and artist.  He described the experience as fulfilling and encouraging even as he strives to deepen the promotion of MIC nights and having the best talents within and outside FCT fully harnessed.

He said his love for poetry was greatly influenced by the likes of Richard Ntiru and Odia Ofiemun and other close friends in the arts world.



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