Don’t exploit travelers this festive period – RTEAN President Alh. Musa Isiwele warns


Do not exploit travelers this festive period with increased transport fare.  The President of the Road Transport Employers Association, High Chief (Alh.) Musa Isiwele Shehu has warned members of the association and other transporters.

Alh. Isiwele warned all Zonal and State Chairmen under the Transport Association not to increase the transport fare of commuters during the festive season that is fast approaching, an action he described as inhumane when people create unnecessary hardship for others.

“As our tradition, we always ensure that members do not unnecessarily exploit travelers during any festive period as such members will face the consequences of their actions.  As an organisation, we are pro-people and will do everything to aid in ameliorating the sufferings of travelers by ensuring that transport fares are not unnecessarily raised just because it is a festive period”

He described as unfair attitude by people who cash in on other people’s difficulties to exploit them.  He describe his Association as one which its leadership both at national and state levels are striving and exploring avenues to aid Nigerian teeming passengers in periods as this.

Alh. Isiwele further cautioned motorists to make safety their watchword by avoiding recklessness, over-speeding and drunkenness while on the wheels.  He cautioned drivers to observe all safety and caution sides, especially around roads under construction.

The President who made this submission at the RTEAN headquarters in Abuja while speaking with Journalists in his word said `You must not increase transport fare this festive season and drivers must drive with care`

Similarly, Alhaji Shehu call on Federal Ministry of works to fix all bad roads in the country as majority of accidents in Nigeria are caused by the bad road in the country, although a letter has been written to the Ministry in that regard, he also advice all drivers to desist from drinking before driving and avoid the making or receiving of calls while driving.



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