Alh. Musa Shehu Isiwele


Alh. Musa Shehu Isiwele is our personality of the month.

Alh. Musa Isiwele is the National President of Road Transport Employers Association of Nigeria {RTEAN}, a group with membership strength of about 16million people.  His outstanding achievements include the recent introduction of biometric data capturing of all the members across Nigeria with a Swedish technology that was recently launched in the National Headquarters of the organisation.

Alh. Isiwele has promoted the virtues of tolerance, patriotism and nonviolence among the members of the association such that no member of the association has been arrested or prosecuting for the common cult clashes that bedevil other associations.  He introduced a routine training and reorientation programmes in partnership with other stake holders in the transport industry.  In his words, ‘My vision is to help the government of the day to bridge the unemployment gap by providing employment to the teeming Nigerian youths in the transport industry as a way of engaging them productively and thus keep them off violence tendencies’. He resides in Abuja, Nigeria Federal Capital Territory.


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