Stop mocking Nigerians with your claims – Alh. Lai Mohammed told


The happenings in Nigeria these days are baffling. I had decided to heed the opinion of some who said ‘look, Alex you are now in a higher calling by virtue of your ecclesiastical office, so please leave politics alone and face the things of the spirit’.

Then an uncle, wily and very vast in experience opened my eyes to the fact that a pastor, a priest, a bishop or any office one chooses to be addressed by does not live in a vacuum. The peace in Nigeria is also a function of both the political and the spiritual.

Many men of God spend nights praying for the peace of the country. Thus, if I keep praying and a group of persons have appointed themselves as traducers of the same peace it makes it look like someone throwing the spanner in my work. My Holy Writ tells me to still pray, but to also warn that hope deferred makes the heart weary. If I keep hoping and praying for peace and some persons keep by deliberate efforts, distorts the peace, I am frustrated.

Peacefulness is not foolishness. So I have decided to remain awake to my responsibility of speaking against those who undermine my efforts of intercession. Alhaji Lai Mohammed, Nigeria’s minister of Information and culture obviously thinks we are what those who attempt to ridicule educated people term ‘ educated illiterate’ people.

The way he spoke on a radio station about how much the government has saved, in contrast with the massive hunger in the land as well as multiple loss of job, one would think the government is all about saving money. Finance minister Adeosun should have cautioned his counterpart that a father does not go about boasting he has so much amount of money stashed away somewhere while his family lives in abject poverty. It could cause a breach of family peace, that kind of father is risking stoning. In such a case, not even a renowned pastor is able to rescue the father when his children begin to vent their hunger induced anger on him. As we well know, hunger and anger almost sound alike.

As a closing note, I want to advise Adeosun to read the following books to Uncle Lai when next he is making a public appearance to talk about policies and achievements of government. He should be made to listen to Adam Smith’s rendition of paradox of thrift, how poverty can be escalated by an unreasonably thrifty government; JM Keynes’ theory of money supply and how to reflate an economy to avoid this indescribable economic quagmire Nigeria has found herself in.

Economy is a major indicator of a government’s success. And how many square meals the people are able to have is the first of all indicators. How do you explain the fact that the government has ‘saved’ so much and is boasting about to a hungry citizenry who buy foodstuff through their noses?

Biko, someone should tell uncle Lai that he is mocking the citizens by such statements.



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