President Buhari’s Success Will Depend Largely on His Sincerity and Impartiality


I have consistently leaned on the arms of mentorship to form certain opinions around mundane and spiritual affairs.  Mentorship to me is like the root of life, without which life exists in naught; without which future is uncertain.  I crave those words and advices from the lips of the sages wherever I can find them, be they within the shores or outside the shores of my dear nation. Be they in the pages of mind-enriching books or when I sit in their lotus feet as a seeker with unquenchable thirst for wisdom.

One of those who mentored me some years back was Darshan  Singh Ji {Christened the angel of compassion by mother Theresa of Calcutta}  Darshan was an epitome of kindness, selflessness and an adept whose knowledge transcended the lower realms.  His advices sounded heavenly and the warmness with which he exude them could better be ascribed saintly.

He told me that when a man is sincere in his course, the elements both in heavens and on earth will aid him to victory.  He took me through sciences of the spirit where nothing is ever allowed to exist in the physical if it has not been permitted to exist in spiritual.

Have your wondered why at all the peace we preach; at all the virtues we propagate; at all the sermons we have been hearing from the cradle, we are still worse off as a people?  The answer is simple.  Nature does not permit you to instill what is not present in you.  To this end, the sage said that spirituality, compassion, goodness, and positive visions are not taught.  They are caught.  They are caught as influenza by being around those that carry it.  Whoever that is not a carrier of these virtues cannot infect them either by coercion or persuasion

To this, Darshan insisted, one must keep company of those that will infect him with the virtues of goodness, morality, compassion and love.

Bringing home this sermon, President Muhammadu Buhari has scaled leadership position as the President of Nigeria, a country lost in the vice of untamed corruption; a country where tribal and regional sentiments dwarf its growth and unity.  A country with perennial history of impunity, injustice, occultism and corruption.  A country where its leaders preach virtue in the open and practice villain.  A country divided along ethnic, regional and religious lines.  A potentially great country though.

When Buhari climbed that exalted seat, many Nigerians saw it as going to be different from the status quo.  Many saw him as the handiest messiah.  Others saw in him an incorruptible leader who can wield the sword of justice and equity and step on hitherto un-stepped toes in a quest to right the societal wrongs.

No sooner the President was elected to the office than different interpretations about his actions, his appointments, his antecedents, his directions and his body language began to surface.  Many, especially within the party that produced him insisted that Buhari was totally in charge and was conscious of all his actions.  His kinsmen assured Nigerians that Buhari’s activities tally with what leadership should be.  They opined that Goodluck Jonathan’s era reflected weakness and cluelessness.  A belief many swallowed hook, line and sinkers going by the current revelation of massive looting, diversion of public funds and corruption in high and low places.  Others, though depending or political and regional affiliation insisted that the erstwhile President Jonathan ‘invented’ corruption thereby exonerating those whose actions, whose greed and impunity wrecked havoc on economy of Nigeria before the emergence of Jonathan as President.

Others, especially from South South and South East Geopolitical zones rebuffed the assertions of President Buhari’s party and his kinsmen and branded the President a regional champion whose sentiments of regional and religious affiliation cannot be hidden.

They term his appointment so far as cunningly tactical to silence dissenting voices and haul down empires that may challenge him in the case that he tends towards tyranny or oppose his ambition to re-contest come 2019.  They alleged that the virtue of patriotism and nationalism that the President was reputed for could have fizzled away within those years of waiting, trying and hoping before fate smiled on him.  Others allege that the so-called goodwill of the President is over-hyped and may not have reflected the true moral position of Mr. Buhari.

Whether the President succeeds or fails will depend largely on what his sincerity and his consciousness about how elements on earth and heavens work.  It will depend largely on the functionality of his mind-set whether positively geared or negatively pre-positioned to lash at targeted enemies or political foes.


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