Power of the Mind


This statement has often been used interchangeably, mostly by people who don’t really know what the mind can do or cannot do. The mind is the power house thus needs to be perceived with the kind of aura it possesses.

When we create events, submissions,etc people tend to use this expression, Wow! This is mind blowing! To express their state of satisfaction or amazement and to a large extent to indicate that the impact of an event from one mind can be spread across to other minds. Our minds float around situations, events, social constructions, places, and have a great time orientation.

The mind wakes us up with a call to have a great day,hence, every action we hope to embark on is often times orchestrated by the adroitness of our minds. The mind speaks to us at different altitude thus we are liable to say that the small voice in our minds keep talking to us.  The mind takes us to the world of consciousness where our events are likely to be a product of our rational thinking. The mind also promotes our subconscious self when we tend to have an ambiguous understanding that our environment is designed around us either by nature or by nurturance. The mind also takes us to the unconscious realm when we push forth to understand the ideal of our works and other subliminal virtues. We wake up in the morning, we drive to school, drive our kids to school, we go out to the market to shop, we do the house chores, we do other reasonable things; THE MIND DOES ALL THESE!

We may perpetrate evil, kill others, lynch, steal, party, club at night,  fight, go to work or school late, indulge in corruption, we go to our worship centres late, WRITE ARTICLES, read articles, discard good works and excellence, THE MIND IS IN CONTROL HERE! The mind is not double! The mind is just dexterous!

For instance in Nigeria, we design wars, we create community clashes, we support terrorism, we support bad governance; all these are products of what our individual minds want us to do.

How powerful then can the mind be? The mind is more powerful than a president, than a governor, and even a chairman; this is so because they are all under the control of a mind.  Repeatedly, our minds take over our moments from us and we tend to grant the agitations of the mind because the mind is the wheel power. Just some days ago I woke up feeling demotivated about writing, about talking, about doing a couple things BUT then the same mind cheered me up. As such we will all agree the mind has a speed for SPONTANEOUS RECOVERY. Indeed a mind is a powerful driver but known only to people who know the power of the mind. From this mind, mind-sets are formed; therefore the mind-set is a brain-child of the minds.

Whether we live in abject poverty, frustration, aggression, learned helplessness, or we have been down-graded, the mind often makes the move to take us from an undesired state to a desired state. Whether we may want to plan protest as 2face, or we may want to plan REVOLUTION as needed in most countries now, the mind turns out to be the architect. Therefore, in the quest to effect a change in Nigeria, Africa, we need to start by winning and changing mind-sets – this will be so because the power of decision making lies in the mind – THE MIND IS POWERFUL!!!


Evans BinanDami is a Clinical psychologist/writer/researcher/social activist.  He could be reached on 07035578447, email: evansbinan@gmail.com Blog: evansbinan.blogspot.com


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