How Dr. Bukola Saraki’s emergence as Senate President became a blessing in disguise


Wait!  Could you strip yourself of all self-political ideologies and affiliations?  Only then will you understand that the emergence of Dr. Bukola Saraki as the President of the Nigeria Senate is a blessing in disguise.  This does not though tend to justify or exonerate the Senate President from all the allegations of corruptions leveled against him.  That is for the Nigerian courts to establish.

How can the emergence of a man who has loads of corruption allegations become a blessing in disguise?  You may ask.

Like I said, just free yourself from all the burning emotions attached to party affiliations and ideologies.  Forget about who you supported or who you did not support as the Senate President.

Could you imagine a situation where the preferred Candidate of President Buhari and the APC echelons emerged as the Senate President?  Ours may become the least healthy democracy but rather a political structure and pattern that may fan impunity and untamed excesses.

The acrimony that followed Dr. Saraki’s emergence as the Senate President has brought about a healthy check and balances and to some good extent reduced the corruption and impunity tendencies that would have followed a Senate President who owes his emergence through the help of the Executive arm of government.  He may be compelled to bow to all the dictates of the Executives.

For those that understand the principle of democracy and those that have been following the political development since 2015, they will readily agree that the Senate Presidency of Dr. Bukola Saraki is a blessing in disguise.  His ascendancy on the exalted seat of the Senate Presidency has to some good extents healthily affected the polity.  He is simply under compulsion to initiate, deliver pro-peoples’ laws and acts as the only strongest selling point since he does not seem to have the backing and supports of his party.  These controversies have further strengthened the tenets of democracy.

Imagine a situation where the Executive and the echelons of the ruling APC party are allowed to choose their ‘anointed’ candidate, it could result in a near tyrannical situation where the Executive could have its way untamed in virtually everything it desires.  It would have perhaps resulted in a situation where every policy and plans of the Executive whether they are pro-people or not would have scaled thereby making mess of the principle of separation of powers as a basic ingredient of democracy.

While the intrigues plays out between the Legislature and the Executive, the masses are better off because it directly or indirectly promotes check and balances and true separation of powers which is healthy if our democracy must fare better.


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