We should restructure now that the political class has failed us: NGO promoter advices

  1. The President, Citizens United for Reconstruction and Equity Initiative (CURE), Mr. John Dara, has attributed the current situation of Nigeria to the failure of the Political class and their lack of common goal and good agenda cum years of mismanagement to the current economic recession bedeviling the country.

Mr. John Dara made this known in an interview in Abuja.

In his word:  “The Political class has failed to make Nigeria great again.  They have failed to move the country in the direction that will enable us compete with the best in the world.  The Political class has failed Nigerians and there is urgent need for strategic effort to reconstruct.  Both APC and PDP have no credible track record of internal democracy and the inclination to raise the best people that can take Nigeria to the Promise land”.

Similarly, John Dara noted that it is time to go back to the drawing board.  “For Nigeria to move forward, there has to be restructuring of our Federal System and devolution of Powers to the states.  States should not depend totally on the Federal Government for survival and Nigerians should be productive. Nigeria is not doing well because we are not very productive. It is pertinent to know that any Nation that continue producing will prosper and corruption will be reduced to the barest minimum” Dara said.

The President of CURE went on to suggest that Nigerian Youths have to take their destiny in their own hand as they should not think of what Nigeria Government can do for them rather they should think of what they can do for Nigeria.

“Youth are more innovative with energy and daring. Most of the heroes that we have were young when they fought for Nigeria.  Massive social mobilization should be given to the Youths and Nigerian Youths should make sacrifice as nothing is achieved on a platter of gold”



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