PDP Senators stage a walk out from plenary. .. Brand Sen. Yele a betrayer


Information received now from the Nigeria Senate affirms that the Senators elected on the platform of the opposition party PDP staged a walk out from the plenary session following a letter from Senator Yele Omogunwa announcing that he has left PDP for APC party.

According to information made available to LeadingReporters, the aggrieved Senators are calling for the declaring of Senator Yele Omogunwa from Ondo South Seat in the Senate vacant following the a formal letter of by Senator Yele informing his colleagues that he has decamped to the ruling APC.

According to the letter presented at the Senate today, its contents indicated that Senator Yele Omogunwa has been working for APC since, while still claiming to be PDP.

The PDP Senators are demanding that since Senator Yele Omogunwa was elected on the platform of PDP, his seat should be declared vacant as stipulated by law.

The Senators accused the embattled senator of anti-party activities and a desperate politician who threw the party loyalty and morality to the winds for personal quest.

The Senators described Senator Yele Omogunwa as being a tool in the hands of APC who betrayed the party that gave him the supports and platform through which he ascended the seat as a Senator.


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