How Code of Conduct Tribunal Chairman illegally employed 50 relatives as staff


“As job racketeering rocks CCT, the management has allegedly reached out to Federal Character Commission in its bid to manipulate information after LeadingReporters FOI letter to both the Code of Conduct Chairman and the CEO of Federal Character Commission over the employment of 50 people allegedly associated to the Chairman and other echelons of the agency”

Employment racketeering rocks the Code of Conduct Tribunal.  According to information availed LeadingReporters, the chairman of the Tribunal and his cronies employed 50 staff without any official approval, advertisement in two national dailies or even advertisement waiver from the Federal Character Commission.

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This prompted LeadingReporters letter to the Management of Federal Character Commission dated August, 10th.  A reply dated 15th August, 2016 with Ref No:  FCC/099/S.8E/5/Vol.11/268 addressed to the Managing/General Investigation Editor of LeadingReporters and signed by Director, Monitoring and Enforcement on behalf of the Executive Chairman of Federal Character confirmation asserted that no waiver was granted CCT to employ neither were they communicated to before any employment. (Copy attached)
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A source who spoke to us on condition of anonymity confirmed that 25 slots out of the 50 illegal employment embarked upon by the echelons of the Tribunal were cornered by the Chairman which he shared among relatives, friends especially within the security service.

The bubble burst when some senior officers in the agency began to raise eyebrow over the number of slots the Chairman allocated to himself.  While the remaining 25 slots were shared among the top echelons of the agency, it was learnt that the Directors and Officers from the Southern Axis did not eventually get any as their counterparts from the North cornered the remaining 25 slots to themselves.

Towards this, LeadingReporters initiated a letter to the Chairman of Code of Conduct tribunal under the Free Information Act, 2011 to be availed list of beneficiaries of their last employment.  In the letter which its receipt was acknowledged on 13th October, 2016, LeadingReporters sought among other things explanations about the allegations of job racketeering and a proof that the concerned government agencies were co-opted in the employment as required by law.

Information availed LeadingReporters showed that instead of responding to the allegations as sought, the management of CCT smartly reached out to Federal Character Commission in an attempt to manipulate records to their own advantage and to cover the atrocities.

A source who spoke to us on condition of anonymity in FCC confirmed that CCT reached out to them for regularization of documentation.  He confirmed that our earlier letter to them could be the reason why the management of FCC may not play along easily as to He “the coast is not clear” to accede to requests that are already in the media.


  1. Nigerians are in a deep mess with this APC than I thought we were with PDP yet their foul shout can’t allow any one hear the truth, even the president had to undergo ear surgery as a result of their foul shouts. .But the soft truth even if it is placed on their table in black and white is not worth digging into once the person Involve is their associate. Let the facts continue to be said for a pharaoh will come one day that knoweth not Joseph and to him all will account to,* big and small. salute to leading reporters


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