What Boko Haram members do with corpses of slain members will shock you


Aside the ruthless killings and massacre of innocent Nigerians, what else do you know about the heinous group popularly known as Boko Haram?  Are you one of the many Nigerians who just believe that Boko Haram activities start and end with the ruthless killings and maiming of innocent citizens?  The activities of the group are far much more than that.  They are sadistic, malevolent, diabolical, carnivorous and uncanny with their spine-chilling callous activities.  They celebrate every form of bizarreness and brazenness.

The activities of the dreaded group are such that defy every meaning of sanity and ridicule humanity in every sense of it.

Our investigation revealed that fleeing Boko Haram members would never like to leave the corpses of their slain members.  In most cases when they face strong resistance and heavy bombardment, after escaping to safety, they come for any corpse of their members they could lay hand on.

You might want to know what they do with the corpses.  Do they bury their slain members and mourn them in fraternal grief?  Is it out of love for fallen members they stake their own lives to scout for corpses of their members who die in battle?  None of the above motives seems right.

Absurdly, the surviving members of the group take the corpses and observe carnivorous rituals with them.  They dry and eat some vital parts of the bodies of slain members, mixing it with honey.  According to a reliable source, parts like the manhood of killed members, the livers and kidneys are vital parts that surviving members devour in observance of a cannibalistic rituals.

Asked what the motive behind eating certain parts of their dead members?  The source confirmed that by observing this, the thread of brotherhood sworn under some form of oaths is extended.  “They believe by so doing they’re fortified, they acquire the strength, the boldness and rascality of their slain members.  It is a kind of blood covenant with their dead members that they would continue on the course even if it leads to death”.

So now you know that Boko Haram is not only about senseless killings of innocent Nigerians or the ruthless murdering of armless women and children, it is about something deeply satanic, an extremely form of occultism whose activities are rooted in deep fiendishness and their beliefs diabolically unthinkable



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