Why we believe in Biafra and why we see a Messiah in Nnamdi Kanu – IPOB Diaspora leadership

Nnamdi Kanu and the IPOB in Diaspora

“You talk about a United Nigeria.  Nigeria can only be united if the North continues with their born-to-rule mentality where they feast where they did not plant.  For heaven’s sake, what could be united about a country where Nigeria Defense Academy, Nigeria Defense college, Army school of Artillery, Army school of Amour, Army school of infantry, Command staff college, depot of Nigeria Army, Air Force Training School, Nigeria Military school, Defense Industry Corporation, Air Force Institute of Technology, School of Aviation, School of Military Engineering, Army Doctrine and Training Command, National Institute of Policy and Strategic Studies, Army Institute of Technology and Environment, Army School of Education and Army School of Military Police is centered in a particular region with vested interest to use same to cow dissenting voices”

The above was part of the response to the enquiry made to IPOB members in Diaspora through their leadership, seeking if they are oblivious of the fact that Biafra agitation under the leadership of Nnamdi Kanu may deny Ndi Igbo a place in Buhari administration or even rob them of the chances of producing a President any time soon; the group in its official response declared their unflinching support for Biafra Agitation and Nnamdi Kanu’s leadership.

“Have you considered the fact that your agitation could rob Igbos a place in President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration or possibly rob them the opportunity to produce a President either in 2019 or afterwards.   Again, since Nigeria has a constitutions that stipulates how issues of this nature could be channel {Through elected representatives in National Assembly}, have you considered engaging your elected representatives in a view to sponsoring bills that would tend to correct the abnormalities and one-sidedness you complain about”

Describing Nigeria as a country schemed and patterned to favour a particular region, the letter reads in part:

“Unfortunately, the press like yours have done nothing to project IPOB in the light direction, obviously out of sentiments and mischief.  As against Boko Haram, IPOB has been seen and described especially among Northern Nigerians as a restive and violent group.  We are not deterred.  We are peace and law abiding outfit with a vision which surges like an unhindered wave.  It carries anyway standing on its path.  It consumes whoever that strives with it”

“IPOB both at home and in Diaspora speak with one voice.  It is a voice of people who know their destination.  Voice of the people who know there would be giants along the way to greatness in the form of resistance from Nigeria Government.  Ours is a voice for freedom from perennial oppression and born –to-rule mentality of the Hausa Fulani.  They could have all the weapons and armory.  They could position all Northern elements in the Security to hunt us, maim us, or even kill us.  We are not deterred.  Each blood they shed and each live they wastes reminds us the need to take our destinies into our own hands.  It reminds us that some people have paid the price. It reminds us that there is never any path to paradise that is not fraught with hindrances and wayside jackals”

“Nnamdi is not a man like you and I.  He is sent for this course.  For the very first time in the history of Nigeria, aside Ojukwu, Nnamdi is the only man looking at the face of tyranny and challenging the status quo.  All elected representatives from South East are as helpless as their colleagues from Southern Nigeria.  A situation where you have over 40 elected representatives from a Northern State in the so-called Federal House of Representatives and perhaps 5 or 6 from a State in the Southern Part, what do you expect.  Majority carries the vote has become rather a concept that has fuelled more disunity in the polity.  Their brothers in the Military handed over this glaring injustice to them and they think they can relish it forever.  Nothing lasts forever except God and justice.  That’s why they’re resisting restructuring.  We have considered all these points and decided to go for what we need and not necessarily what we want.  We need Biafra.  We don’t want restructuring.

NOTE: The position expressed here is that of IPOB and not that of LEADINGREPORTERS.COM



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