Lafarge Cement Pollution:  Farmers,  Neighbours Cry Out


Following reports of continues environmental degradation and pollution caused by Lafarge Cement  Industries Mixing Plant along Gidado Idris Way, Idu Industrial Area, the residents, farmers and other neighboring companies within the Industrial Area have cried out to FCT administration, regulatory agencies and pro-environmental activists to prevail on the company to stop polluting the environment with cement liquids.  They have also braced for a showdown with the company over the flooding of the roads and the area with industrial waste from the cement mixing machines and trucks.


Following petitions received, LeadingReporters investigation crew visited the troubled spots where it took environmental assessment impact of the pollution.  It was discovered that at the end of every working day, Lafarge Industries washes its cement mixing machines and trucks which floods all the area.



This disposed waste according to the LeadingReporters findings has destroyed the road leading to Dangote Warehouse, NAPTIP, SSC office and other companies.  The road which is constantly flooded with cement liquids make it almost impassable for vehicles when flooded.   Few motorists who ply that road were interviewed.  They all agreed that the cement waste from Lafarge Mixing Plant has caused damage to their vehicles at one point or the other.

The flooding liquid waste has pulled down part of the fence of another company from where the liquid waste floods neighbouring farms thereby destroying crops.


According to information availed LeadingReporters, all the neighboring companies confirmed that they have severally reported the case to Lafarge Management who kept promising to do something about it. At other times when they went to complain about the anomaly, they were resisted at the gate by armed police officers.

The environmental impact assessment carried out showed that it may take up to 6 years of consistent treatment of the soil with organic matters to restore the soil texture for agricultural purposes.

Furthermore, it was discovered that even if Lafarge channels its sewage line to the Central Sewage Channels, there is every tendency that the industrial waste from their mixing plant will block the central sewage line, aside polluting the municipal waste from where organic fertilizer could be generated.


According to some people interviewed, the greater number of them expressed displeasure over such impunity by a company who should understand the environmental risk of their operations and thus device a means through which it should dispose its waste.   The respondents blame the authorities and the regulatory agencies and ministries for not doing anything to protect the environment and the people from glaring dangers which could spark off serious environmental and health issues.


According to one respondent, he described the action of Lafarge cement as conscious action which they cannot commit elsewhere except in a country like Nigeria where impunity sways.


They threatened a showdown with Lafarge if the government and the regulatory ministries and agencies is not willing to do anything about the glaring impunity and destruction of the environment, including government funded roads which have been destroyed by the menace of the flooding emanating from Lafarge mixing plant.



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