Audu Ogbe’s private farm (Efugo Farms) in Kuje booms in commercial activities


While many Nigerians believe that not much has been done to boost agro-allied sector in Nigeria under the current dispensation, the personal farm of the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development located in a large expanse of land in Kuje Area Council Abuja is booming in commercial activities, LeadingReporters can authoritatively reveal.


Efugo Farms had gone moribund with no viable activities prior to the appointment of the Hon. Minister of Agricultural and Rural Development Dr. Audu Ogbe.  A visit by LeadingReporters team revealed that there has been a recent face lift in the facilities.

First, all the broken down fence has been braced and fortified.  Production of animal feeds in commercial quantity has commenced.  The most active of all the divisions is the poultry section as dealers in both eggs and the birds were seen besieging the complex to buy eggs and birds in commercial quantities.

All the machines on sight are brand new and recently installed.  There were reports of brand new tractors and other agricultural equipment kept deep down in a corner in that large farm.

Information availed by those who are in the know of the activities in the farm revealed that no sooner Mr. Audu Ogbe was appointed a Minister under the current President Muhammadu Buhari APC –led government than the farm received financial boost and face lift. There’re reports of massive agricultural equipment and tools which have been installed for use in the farm.

A source who lives in that neighbourhood and spoke to us on condition of anonymity confirmed that many more brand new tractors, generating sets and other agro-allied equipment used in large commercial farming such as hatchers, incubators have been hauled into the farm, but hidden deep inside to avoid public knowledge..

“Those equipment were brought in at the dead of the night. Aside the commercial activities you witness here, most of the behind the scene activities happen in the night.  The tractors and series of containers containing different agricultural equipment were hauled in by trailers at night.  They do not seem to allow outsiders know much of the things happening there beyond what you see.  This massive fencing was done as hurriedly as possible within interval of weeks.  It’s booming.  It’s his luck and time.  In Nigeria, you just have to wait to get to power to become richer than you’d thought”




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