How Adebayo Shittu employed 20 relatives in the agencies under his Ministry


For those who are desperately waiting for the time when those saddled with leadership positions in Nigeria will practice the virtue they so preach, they may have to wait a long time to see that era.  In Nigeria, morality in leadership seems to have fizzled away.  Corruption, nepotism, favouritism and all manners of impunity have replaced the moral dimension of leadership.

More disheartening is the fact that those who violate the laws of the land are those who are supposedly the custodians of the law.

Information availed LeadingReporters revealed that the current Minister of Communication Bar. Adebayo Shittu employed two of his children Ruamau Shittu, a BSc Holder in International Relations and Shittu Olamide Olubusayo, a BL holder in Law and eighteen other relatives in one of the agencies under his ministry.


According to the information at the disposal of LeadingReporters, the Minister who we learnt is nurturing governorship ambition come 2019 imposed the 20 relatives on the agency and mandated that they be given employment in the agency.  He allegedly included a name in his own hand writing when he discovered that the Secretary omitted one of the names (See attached list)

To cover up this, he was said to have ordered that the States of Origin of some of the relatives be altered so that they will not all be traced to him.

The appointment of Barr. Abdur-Raheem Adebayo Shittu is seen in some quarters as one of those partisan and prejudiced appointments made by President Buhari-led APC ruling party as his professional has nothing whatsoever to do with the Ministry he currently mans.  A source described it thus:

“There are some ministries that must be naturally manned by technocrats.  One of such ministries is Ministry of Communication.  It is a ministry that is technically demanding and must be manned by someone whose specialty borders around Information and Communication Technology.  It is not like other information that anyone with good administrative experience can head”

According to an insider source from the Ministry of Communication, the Minister greatly relied on the advices and inputs of some technocrats in its policy formulation and these further costs the Ministry fortunes.

Barr. Adebayo Shittu hails from Oyo State.  His close associates intimated that the Minister is nurturing governorship ambition come 2019 and this has been adversely affecting the fortunes of the Ministry to become one of the veritable channels to provide employment opportunities to the teeming Nigeria unemployed youths.

The source further alleges that Barr. Shittu may have given the Heads of the agencies under Ministry of Communication a tall order to create avenues to fund his gubernatorial ambition.



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