17 year old girl electrocuted in Lugbe, AEDC staff on the run


A 17 year old house maid met her untimely death last weekend when she was electrocuted by  an Antenna Pole.  According to information obtained by LeadingReporters, a house earlier disconnected by AEDC was illegally connected by some staff of AEDC with uncoated which ran through a TV pole leading to the untimely death of the girl.

A source who spoke to LeadingReporters on condition of anonymity said that field staffs of AEDC disconnected the building that day.  The building was reconnected on ‘special’ arrangement with some staff of AEDC that same evening with wires that were not well coated.  Unfortunately, the uncoated wire passed through a DSTV antenna pole.  The girl has just come to drop debris in the dustbin when she touched the pole, leading to her death before neighbours could come to her aid.

The source said upon hearing that someone has died as a result of the recklessness of the staff of AEDC, all the staff bolted out for their own safety for fear of being mobbed by the angry residents. The new office of AEDC newly located at Angwan Cashew was under lock and key when our journalists visited the office.

It would be recalled not less than seven people were electrocuted last year within the same axis when staffs of AEDC were said to have erroneously bridged a cable leading to the transformer.  At night of the same day, when electricity was eventually restored, seven people, whose houses are close to the transformer were confirmed dead as a result of electric surge that supplied extremely high current as a result of the installation error by staff of AEDC.  Virtually all the people that died were reported to have rushed to switch off their appliances when they were electrocuted.

Most of the residents LeadingReporters spoke to expressed disappointment over what they call quest for money at the cost of consumers’ lives.  One of the residents who simply identified himself as Ben relived previous incidences that led to deaths of many residents in the area.

“Last year, many people died in this same area as a result of the recklessness of AEDC staff.  I understood they were sued but they opted out of court settlement.  Each bereaved family, according to what I heard was paid over N7m for that laxity by AEDC.  Another one has just happened.  For heaven’s sake how can any professional electrician use uncoated wire to reconnect a building?  We learnt a staff of AEDC was paid N2000 to illegally reconnect a building.  He simply scouted for pieces of wire and joined together which has resulted in the death of this young girl.  For over three weeks, AEDC has not given us light, but they have brought their bills (estimated bill).  They have even increased from the N5000/building we previously paid to N6,200 even when they don’t render the services.  Government should either do the needful or we go about it our own way.  We are already meeting to send representatives to National Assembly, Civil Society Organisation and other concerned agencies to resist a situation where one pays for services that he never enjoyed”


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