The untold story of how Boko Haram new recruits bid farewell to their mothers


“That day, he simply came home with a bag.  The bag contained some pieces of wrapper and few tins of milk.  Like every other mother, his mother was happy that her son could gift her that much.  She collected both the wrapper and the tins of milk and started raining blessings on his son.  Midway, joy turned tears, laughter turned screaming.  Her son has returned home to severe the mother-son relationship.  He came with those stuffs as his parting gifts.  The wrapper signified compensation for clothing him in the cradle.  The milk signified the breast milk he sucked from her mother’s breasts”.

“It’s over.  I’ve today returned all to you.  Take the wrapper as compensation for the cloths I wore as a child.  The milk is the breast milk I sucked.  When next you see me, do never see me as your son.  Do never see me as related to you.  I’m off to a new world; for a new course where brothers and sisters are those who wield the sword of liberation and hauls the bullets of freedom fighters”.

With these words, a young man who grew in the same neighbourhood as Mohammed left home.  His return was to wreak havoc on those he once called Babaa, Mamaa, brothers and sisters.  He killed them with intense hatred.  Mohammed was lucky to have escaped with every member of his family.

It is a heart rending story.  A story of severance of affection and bond.  It is a farewell story, possibly what we can call a fatal farewell.

It is the story of Mohammed, a survivor of Boko Haram terrorist menace in Maiduguri.  Mohammed was lucky to escape the brutality that engulfed his neighbourhood by the members of the dreaded Boko Haram Group.  None of his children and wives was a victim in that day’s rain of horror and bullets.  They escaped and found themselves in Abuja.

They live in an uncompleted building within the Jabi axis where he fends for his family.  He works as a mai-guard in a new estate under construction.  He rears fowl and Turkey, aside doing a neighbourhood farming.  From what we saw, he loves his family dearly.  He has great vision for his children.  Unlike other children who resort to begging, Mohammed’s children have been enrolled in an LEA Primary School.  Courtesy of a rich neighbour who saw the need to help.  Mohammed is a likable young man who enjoys spending time with his family members, especially his children.  He teaches them how to read and write.  Although not much lettered, he teaches them English and Mathematics and other subjects.  He helps them do their home assignments.

His story touches the heart; nay rends it apart.  He told his story.  A story of how a friend bided farewell to his parents only to return to kill them all.



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