Group writes EFCC on allegations on untamed corruption in Kogi State


A socio-political group, Kogi Renaissance has written the ‎anti graft agency EFCC on the allegation of execution of contracts at inflated rates, non conformity with laid down procedures and outright fraudulent practices of the current Bello Yahaya Kogi State Government made by Egalitarian Mission for Africa(EMA)



In records (Attached) exclusively obtained by LeadingReporters, questionable transfers, overdraft, inflated contracts characterize Yahaya Bello leadership.


In a media statement in Abuja on behalf of the group, Abdul Nuhu expressed worries at the obvious silence of the anti graft agency, which is capable of sweeping the issue under carpet. “If the law enforcement agencies foot-drag at this era of change when the people are by necessity expected to keep their leaders’ exuberance, excesses and mismanagement of resources, then there’s need to feel concern that democracy has become a tool for self-enrichment, oppression and deceit”


EMA, according to the group furnished the EFCC with details of executive recklessness on the part of the governor and his agents.  The group alleges that Governor Yahaya Bello hurriedly awarded needless contracts of renovation and services to fleece the unsuspecting tax payers even when the workers were owed many months of salary arrears.   “The money running into Billions of Naira ended up in private pockets”.  The group alleges.

Abdul Nuhu stated that the intention of the group to join forces with EMA to push the case of what he described as daylight robbery to its logical conclusion in a view to recovering Kogi State Funds at this point in time when allocations to States have dwindled as a result of the economic recession.

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The group opines that such foot-dragging in investigating the allegations on Kogi State governor could only happen in a situation where good conscience have been bought over and law sold out.  The group alleges that the courage muzzled and exuded by EFCC in the early part of the investigation has fizzled out ‎glaringly on possible connivance to kill the case

The group accused the anti-graft agency of foot dragging in investigating serving governors, who no known law of the land protects from probe, especially when it borders on pillage of the common wealth of the impoverished Nigerians.  According to the group, while a lot of executive atrocities are going on daily in Kogi State and the people are being impoverished further on daily basis, the anti-graft agency looks the other way round. “Today, Kogi is one of the States where the civil servants are having hellish experiences.  Where there’s no attempt by its leadership to harness the natural and human resources that abound in the State.  All we hear is verbose defence of glaring recklessness in different TVs and media houses”.


Recall that Egalitarian Mission for Africa(EMA) sometime in June furnished the EFCC with details of transactions, fictitious withdrawals and evidence of contracts inflation committed by the current Bello-Led government of Kogi State.




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