Sen.  Aduda didn’t bribe Senate against Magu Don’t incite the Presidency against us:  Yunusa A. Yusuf



A Federal Capital Territory social right and pro-good governance advocate, Yunusa Ahmadu Yusuf has frowned at the activities of some people who are bent in destroying the cordial relationship between President Buhari and the indigenes of the Federal Capital Territory, describing as mischievous their latest move to incite the Presidency against the indigenes by making unsubstantiated allegation that Senator Philip Aduda bribed the Senate against the EFCC Chairman, Ibrahim Magu.

Describing the action as another attempt to sow seed of discord between the indigenes and President Muhammadu Buhari-led APC government.  Mr. Yusuf reiterated the indigenes’ unwavering supports for the anti-corruption fight and other policies of the President to better the lots of Nigerians.

“So far, the President has demonstrated uncommon love and regards for the indigenes of the Federal Capital Territory.  Although we are expecting him to up the game by appointing deserving indigenes of FCT as Ministers, Ambassadors, Heads of Agencies and Parastatals among other positions to reciprocate the massive supports his government has received from the indigenes.  He termed it unthinkable that the same people who have stood against the progress of the indigenes in the current government could stoop so low as to begin to incite the government against the indigenes by accusing Senator Aduda as sponsoring the Senate against the confirmation of the EFCC Chairman”.

Mr. Yusuf further affirmed that so far, Senator Aduda’s pro-peoples initiatives such as the scholarship and other constituency projects stood him out from his contemporaries.

“So, if anyone accuses Senator Aduda of what he did not do, the person is mischievously trying to incite the Presidency against the indigenes. We know the people behind these rumors.  They are the same people who through their activities have severally frustrated the emergence of indigenes of FCT from being appointed into the Federal Cabinet and other Federal appointments”.

Speaking further on the activities of his group, Yusuf affirmed that more than ever before, they are ready to constructively engage those who have their mandates to lead.  He reiterated the unwavering supports of FCT indigenes for President Buhari and other elected and appointed leaders who prioritize the welfare of FCT indigenes.

“We know who is truly working for the people and we know the mischief makers.  We have severally engaged our elected representatives to justify the mandate given to them.  We know those who are truly working for the people and those who are working for their stomachs.  We will not stop speaking up to ensure that the people get what is due them from their elected representatives”


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