Abuja Indigenes bemoan negligence by their elected representatives


Original Indigenes of the Nigeria Federal Capital Territory, Abuja have alleged that their elected representatives in the National Assembly have betrayed them through their silence at myriads of problems and challenges facing them.

The indigenes who are predominantly farmers in one of their communiqués obtained by LeadingReporters say that so far, the so-called dividends of democracy have remained a mirage as there is no impact of good representation by those they have elected to represent them both in the Senate and the House of Representatives.

The indigenes expressed dismay at what they call self-serving attitude of their representatives in National Assembly.  The group alleges that their representatives have lost touch with the needs of the people who legitimize the powers they wield.

According to them, their representatives in both Chambers of the National Assembly are only legislating to receive their salaries, allowances and emoluments; attend ceremonial gatherings and simply sit at plenary sessions without attempts at pushing for pro-indigenes bills that will better the lots of the people.

The indigenes accused their representatives to be lending their voices on bills sponsored by other representatives which tend to benefit their people such as the Bill moved by Senator Oluremi Tinubu pushing for special allocation to Lagos; moving for point of order in respect of President’s appointments and at best following the Senate President to Court where he is facing corruption charges.

“We are totally irked by the comment credited to Senator Adeyeye describing FCT as a rotten pampered child when in essence the indigenes of Abuja are worse off in terms of developmental projects.  As rural dwellers who are predominantly farmers, we are schemed out every day in both national and FCT affairs.  None of our representatives considers it expedient to convene town hall meetings or even visit any constituency to get first hand information on how the electorates are fairings.  So far, there is no constituency project in Bwari Area Council.  Not even a Constituency Office in Bwari.  No form of empowerment programs that will better the lots of the people”

The indigenes frown and totally condemn the killing of FCT indigenes by herdsmen and wondered why their Representatives at both the upper and lower chambers did not consider it necessary to speak against it and call for prosecution of the perpetrators of the heinous crime.  They as well rejected the allocation of about 34,000 hectares of land belonging to FCT indigenes to herdsmen as grazing reserves.

“We are worried at the turn out of events today within the FCT.  There are absolute deception and efforts by the current FCT administrators to shortchange the indigenes with their policies.  For instance, a situation where IDPs are trained in the name of training FCT indigenes is deceptive.  There are many FCT indigenes in very rural and isolated areas whose situation are worse than the IDPs.  All these are happening glaringly while our representatives look the other way”

The indigenes challenge their representatives to prove their worth and dedication to the people who legitimize the powers they wield by standing for them and sponsoring bills that will positively affect the indigenes.  They further called on their leaders to call the FCT authorities to order by revoking policies that do not directly affect the lives of the indigenes such as the massive hectares of land collected from them to be given to herdsmen.

They as well appealed to their leaders to revisit the abandoned electricity project in Shere, Galuwyi, and Kawu in Bwari Area Councils.



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