“Shine The Light” inspires godliness:  Frank Edward, Samsong, Lange inspire me – Henry Dan


An upcoming gospel musician, Henry Dan in his soon to be launched album “Shine The Light” has thrown light why he felt that gospel music should be conscious enough to reawaken a dying world, especially those from Christian backgrounds who now leave their true calling for worldliness.

“Today, we go the direction the world points us to.  Instead of directing the world as Christ has empowered us, we are being directed by the world.  Instead of shedding light on the paths of others, we are being hauled into miry paths of worldliness.  It has become a roller-coaster fun with everything worldly – from what we sing to what we entertain with.  We have forgotten the virtues of love and leaning on each other which were the basic principles of Christ’s message”.

In an exclusive chat with LeadingReporters, Henry Dan who hails from Bassa L.G.A. of Kogi State described his journey to gospel musician as that divinely directed.

“As a growing youth in my rural community and as a member of the local choir in our church, I have a voice and a message handed to me by God to reach the dying world with songs that inspire, that raises hope in the midst of hopelessness; A song that points humanity to light.  A song that tends to shine the light in the dark corners”

“From events around the world and our immediate society, it is now glaringly clear that the society we live in is eager for men and women who will make the difference; who will bring the message of hope and light.  The world needs something different from what it has hitherto had.  It’s aching for men and women with exceptional message of hope.  That inspires my music”.

The musician reiterated the need for gospel musicians to project godliness and message of light to the world through their music.  Explaining why he chose gospel music over secular music, the Kogi State born artist described his humble beginning as the factor that shaped his life and choices in life.

“I came from a humble Christian background where I featured in the local church choir. I can say that I discovered my calling early in life as I’m naturally gifted with the ability to write songs, poems and inspirational book as a growing young boy.  I’m more concerned with the message I have than the commercial returns of my works.  I believe that if my music positively affects one’s life, then I’m truly blessed spiritually and materially”.

“The likes of Frank Edward, Solomon Lange and Samsung inspire me. These are youths that are passionate to heal a dying world through their music”

When asked to rate his music, Henry Dan said that his dreams is not to compete with anyone but through dedication and commitment, he sees his music touching lives beyond the shores of Nigeria and Africa.

He thanked his producers Bigs Smith and Dr. Phil of Prime Entertainment Abuja for great work and commitment made towards making “Shine the Light” a great success.

“I will praise God and remain committed to the message of love and salvation even if I become the most famous gospel musician in the world”.


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