Miss Health Beauty Pageant Visits Benue Flood Victims; Offers medical care

On Miss Health Beauty Pageant Visits Benue Flood Victims

Miss Health Beauty Pageant and a team of voluntary doctors visited the Benue flood victims in Agan IDP, Benue State.

The Delegation, which was led by Mr Nicholas Bebiem, the Project Director of Miss Health Beauty Pageant, Queen Wendy Ene Audu, Miss Health Nigeria and many other delegates were received by Mrs Elizabeth Aganyi, a special adviser to the First Lady of Benue State.

The Queens’s medical team treated several victims of various illnesses and distributed drugs to over 4,874 victims which consists of 552 men, 662 women, 1,451 male children, 1,387 female children, 595 toddlers, 92 pregnant women, 129 nursing mothers, 58 physically challenged victims.

The organization also donated food and other materials to the flood victims.

It would be recalled that flood displaced thousands of people and ravaged several communities in Benue. About 7,000 of those displaced are currently in a displaced persons camp in Agan.



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